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Why it Matters

We can't move fast and break things.

Within the next decade, the intersection of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscience will increasingly reveal an inevitable paradigm shift in how people navigate and interact with the world.

Such a game-changing shift requires not only awareness, but also vigorous, active discussion. This conference on Neuroethics and the Future of Reality (NFR) will serve as the kindle for this crucially important conversation for our society.

What are the questions we need to be asking ourselves?
NFR is the first of its kind at Princeton and among the very first globally to actively engage with the implications of the growing intersection of XR, neuroscience, BCI, AI and the future of reality.

Leading Experts

Talks from experts in AI, XR, Neuroethics from both industry and academia.


Deep discussions about the future and reality.


Team up with like-minded individuals and ideate together the solutions for the future.

Talk Spots

Numerous opportunities throughout the conference to meet thinkers easily.

Organizing Committee


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